Hello, everyone. What are you up to? Read or watched anything interesting lately? Tell me how you’ve been. I’m at home with my son, because he has a cough. We are watching old Donald Duck cartoons (mainly the ones where he is being chased by a shark).

Let’s talk about stuff while I wait for the cold and flu medication to render my child unconscious. If you usually lurk, comment, and I will reply with non sequiturs, such as the maximum allowable dosing for toddlers and paracetamol, or the voice talents behind The Gruffalo.

Did anyone read the Slate piece that basically slammed Jez? Pretty damning argument that sites like Jez and XOJane (ugh) commodify the very oppression and marginalisation they espouse changing. I don’t know if Slate is any better and they’re just kicking the lady-blog hornet’s nest, but an interesting take on what is being widely written and read, and why.

What do you think? I’m all ears.