This is one of the oddest films I've ever seen.

The basic premise is the director interviews a bunch of people who are convinced that there are hidden meanings in the film version of The Shining. Some, but certainly not all of these theories are:

1. The film is really about the plight of Native Americans.

2. The film is really about Nazi Germany.

3. The film is a secret message from Stanley Kubrick to his wife that he helped NASA fake the moon landing.

4. That the film is meant to be shown using two projectors at once - one showing the film from the normal start and one showing it from the normal end and that only be doing so are you seeing the film Kubick intended you to see.

5. Something about a minotaur that was so complex I just poured myself a gin and tonic instead of figuring it out.

6. That the film was secretly made before the Stephen King book of the same name and is not really based on the book.

Every person who speaks during the film is clearly insane. And it doesn't give you any counterpoint from sane people involved in the film.

Interestingly, all but one of the people talking admit they hated the film the first time they saw it but felt bad about hating it because they love Kubrick films so they just kept watching it over and over again until they finally saw the hidden truth that makes it a great movie. The other dude admits that he was a war correspondent suffering from post traumatic stress disorder when he first saw it and realized the hidden meanings.

Nearly every bit of "proof" they come up with for their theories can easily be explained by the fact that Kubrick was doing a lot of cocaine with his star while making the film and perfectly capable of making super minor continuity errors.

In a way it's sort of fun to watch crazy people talk for an hour and a half, but I feel bad because I don't think they realize they were put on screen to be made fun of. Also, it would have been cool if they'd had at least one person come up with an interesting and mildly plausible alternative interpretation of the movie.