The best part of Sam Rubin jumping to the top of what will be on The Soup this week isn't the inane incompetence, or Jackson not giving a major media market TV personality a pass.

No, it is the Internet comments blaming Jackson's over-reaction:

-The guy made an honest mistake, and The Scary Black Man just wouldn't let it drop.

-Why did Jackson have to bring race into it?

-I mix up WHITE actors all the time.…

If I was Jackson, after the initial Matrix mix-up, I would have but on my best Morpheus voice and said:

"Sam, there are two pills. If you take the red one, this interview continues unabated, and you wake up feeling foolish. If you take the blue pill, you reach a newer level of consciousness- you apologize now to me and your viewers, impose an unpaid suspension on yourself, and make a donation to a charity of my choosing. Which pill do you take, Sam?"