Mark Shrayber’s overdue goodbye post is pretty funny, actually. Worth noting:

Here it is: Not everyone will admit it, but we all read the comments. And some of us, like me, read the comments obsessively. We form relationships with the core readership—not the faceless hits on the internet but with the people who come back here day after day to tell us how awful we are—and those relationships are real. What I will miss most, besides swearing a lot andinvestigating whether cat hair can really get stuck in your vagina, is corresponding with you on a daily basis. It’s impossible, of course, to get everyone to like you (I learned that quickly and it was an important lessons; every post is the equivalent of the dreaded faculty evaluations I had to have done every semester), but if you move past pandering, you can learn, laugh, love and do whatever else that fucking Leeann Womack song tells you to do on the cover of a journal you bought in the impulse aisle at Michael’s. You guys are the best, and I hope you keep in touch on Twitter, via email, or over at UPROXX.

Oh, and I totally read Groupthink and Clashtalk, you guys: WE ALL READ GROUPTHINK and CLASHTALK.

If you’re reading this Mark, I hope your eye gets better.