There's a simple algorithm to find out if you're too high : do you have the stupid shit-eating grin on? If not, take another hit. Of course there is no such thing as way too high. If you think you are way too high, then you're just right. Like Stephen King said, if you're drinking, get drunk. Functional stoning is to make office bearable and people likable.

Please don't take our holy mission lightly. We are the ordained knights in the crusade against drugs as declared by our former king Ronnie Reagan and we won't rest till every godforsaken bud is smoked lest it gets into some kids' grubby hands. Kids these days - they don't know the wild highs of ditch/brick weed. Them & their fancy pants extreme molecular smoking contraptions. Fuck 'em.

There is a quirk in my druggie history which might be of interest. I picked up cigarettes on my first trip a year after I started smoking weed. We had a shroom omelette and then leftover shrooms in honey and jaggery. For an hour I didn't feel anything but when it hit me, I needed a cigarette. I continued buying packs of cigs till ten months ago.

So who knew vaping so perfectly complements bongs? I haven't rolled in over a week.


[Pic from Toronto Vaporizer blog. You won't catch me with an apple gadget ever.]