I'll let one of my characters provide the exposition to this real-life re-enactment from earlier today:

Garrulous hillbilly: Hey, you got a blowout?

Our hero: Yep.

GH: Why didn't you put a donut on it?

OH: Don't have one; pulled over as soon as I could and called the tow truck.

GH: Boy, you were riding around on the wheel?

OH: Briefly.

GH: Huh; that's going to wear the wheel out.

OH: Yeah, I know.

[Two minutes later.]

Service person: So, you obviously need a new tire.

Our hero: Yeah, hopefully that's the extent of it.

SP: Well, we'll get it checked out.

Garrulous hillbilly: (Talking to someone else down the service desk) That guy down there was driving around on his wheel. No tire.

OH: Thanks.

SP: Is there anything else you need?

GH: I told him, that's a good way to wear out the rim.

OH: Maybe an oil change.

[A minute later, our hero walks into the waiting area. The garrulous hillbilly is down the hallway, talking to a sales person.]


Garrulous hillbilly: You see that guy down there?

Sales person: (No response)

GH: He was driving around on his wheel. No tire. Probably wore out his rim.

Our hero: (To self) Is this going to continue until I kick this guy's ass?