My music posts tend to be hashtagged in an effort to herd them like sheep into some sort of order and, for what it's worth in a sort of micro blogging (that's such a shitty two word combo) diary thing. Anyway I mentioned to ICN and other people what might be interested in a writing hashtag. In a not as formal way as jumping on the sub-forum express. More a way to generally put stuff out there finished or not for the perusal/advice/avoidance of others . A slackers way if you will. I mentioned it,then did not do anothing bout it, until now when I'm not going not do anything about it no more.

Rhyming always fucks me off, the old AA bb, thing or ABAB whatnot. Anyway.

My week: A few scant lines

Junkies and dealers arguing in the street

Over brown

150 bigots taking their seats

Down town

Hammer follows chisel follows drill follows cable

Seeing our lasses ex at the bar from the table

forming words from adrenaline while the kids leave their seats

Not wanting to but having to, an improper place to meet

A message from her mam whose house you still rock up to, drunk

No more, you say,okay I say. I hope the words have sunk

Sleep, work, plans, quotes, to do before tomorrow

Sunday's gone, in a blink, another week to follow.