I know people like to bitch about HamNo (Am I using that right?), but I usually stay out of the convos because I don’t think I’ve read more than two stories from him all the way through. But today, I say: Fuck you and your privilege. All you coddled white people can save your need to have a black person save you narrative.

This man and his family were dehumanized and threatened for 8 straight years. He is still being blamed for shit that he has nothing to do with, even when he’s silent people still putting crap on him.

Let him have his Netflix deal. Let him and his family live their best life, you whiny, petulant child. Save your self, homeboy. Stop looking to the Barack and Michelle to be Captain Save-The-Hoes especially after they endured all that this country dumped on them and their children.

Saying he’s doing stuff that Trump would do? Take the longest walk off the shortest of cliffs.