I've gotten a few comments from people here and there about why I haven't been around as much lately. Clashtalk feels a little bit like my baby, so I do get a case of the guilties when I don't post on it as regularly as I'd like. Here's why I'm not around as much these days:

I am trying to get a book published—a trilogy of books, really.

The world of publishing has changed a lot, and writers are now expected to build an "author platform" for themselves, which is a polite way of saying that they need to pimp themselves out like crazy on social networks to build up a fanbase. That kind of thing is so not my bag, but I want to get a book deal, so I have to do it.

That means that when I'm not editing or writing, I'm working on developing my website, or I'm tap-dancing on Twitter. If you find yourself missing the fun of laughing at me being an idiot here, chances are you can find me being an idiot on Twitter @saraterror.

I have no intention of ever abandoning Clashtalk, or using it to promote my own writing. This is the only time I plan on mentioning this stuff at all. Just wanted y'all to know why I've been disappearing from time to time.


ETA: This is also motivated by a little rumble in my gut that told me someone might doxx me soon. I'd rather do it to myself.