I grew up in the Gulf Coast region of Texas, home to many horrifying flying roaches. We're talking about the big suckers that will fly straight at your face if you swat and miss. They lived in the tree of our backyard and wandered into the house whenever it suited them, which was frequently. I don't know how I know, but I know when a cockroach has been hanging out in my coffee mug the night before, or when it's been dancing around the cornflakes that I pour myself for breakfast. They leave both an odor and a taste. I can't describe it, but it's rancid. I know that taste, and I can never forget it.

All of this is just to say that I went through the trouble of making myself some Malt-O-Meal for dinner (because yay, nostalgia!) and one of the ingredients is tainted with the flavor of cockroach. Could be the meal itself. Could be the sugar. Not sure, but it is fucking gross.

Does anybody else know what I'm talking about?