Are you listening? The podcast that launched a whole new true-crime boom is back with a...baseline? Season 3 is a mannered study over a full year in the Cleveland criminal court system. Rather than looking intensely at one case, it looks at several “normal” day-to-day cases and occurrences inside the Cleveland criminal justice system—showing how surreal and common the typical goings-on can actually be. With only two episodes released, I must say it strikes a chord of relevancy that cannot be ignored and seems like a return to form from a middling sophomore season.

While we’re at it, are you watching Wyatt Cenac’s Problem Areas? It also takes a sustained look at different elements of the criminal justice system, more specifically at policing. I constantly wonder why it isn’t getting more coverage—but I hope at least it has the viewership that HBO requires to greenlight a second season. (Hint: cancel Bill Maher.)