Alternate title: In which I judge someone else's grieving - more than likely coming off as unsympathetic.

My high school friend's funeral was today. In the days leading up to the funeral, her stepsister (also a friend of mine) kept posting updates such as "I can't wait for this weekend. Going to get to see so many people that I haven't seen in YEARS!" and "This weekend is going to be rough but exciting. Sad face."

In between updates, she would post pictures of stepsister (my friend). Weird thing is, they were all from high school (12 years ago). So I'm not all upset that she's not properly grieving my dear departed BFF, because I haven't seen my friend since graduation. Just weird to be bombarded by pictures that are all captioned "I miss my sissy :(((((((" when they're all ~12 years old.

Anyway - funeral today. Pictures of course got posted to FB (I didn't expect any less from someone who would post pictures of a child being told their mother had died). Only this time, friend did figure out how to make a photo album on FB. Titled "Fun Times".