I'm at the grocery store, checking something on my phone, when this elderly man - probably about 70 - comes up to me. He's wearing overalls, plaid shirt, cap with a tractor on it, has a long white beard.

He says to me "I like your nails."
I have on bright blue nail polish. It's pretty. So I tell him thanks.

He stares at me. "I really like your nails."
So I'm thinking he's lonely, because he really doesn't seem the type to notice nail polish. So I again tell him thanks and say some bullshit about how it's a cheerful color, blah blah. He agrees, saying it is cheerful. Then he goes...

"I actually just like your hands."

Hookay dude. I admit that threw me where I had no response other than a stuttered "Thanks". And then I left as fast as I could.