So apparently Sasha Frere-Jones (a name so annnoying that you want to punch him, then his birth certificate) left The New Yorker last year to work for the LA Times. Since then, the Times culture critic has been extremely busy, publishing a whole 45 articles in 8 months. Alas, all that’s coming to an end now, as he has resigned after getting busted for charging a $5,000 strip club visit to his expense account.

For whatever reason, Frere-Jones thought that “You don’t understand: I wanted to see naked women and not pay for it” wouldn’t be convincing, so, according to the article:

Mr. Frere-Jones explained that it was for a story he was writing about a rapper. But representatives for the rapper said that there had been no interview.

So there’s that. Aside from the “everybody point and laugh at the dumbass” aspect of the article, I appreciate it for featuring this picture, which inspired the following dialogue:

—Wow, that David Cross seems like a real prick.

—Read the article. That’s clearly Sasha Frere-Jones.

—What article?