For those not caught up on Drag Race, there will be spoilers:

I feel like I’ve just gone through a whole year of being frustrated with Drag Race. First was with how they did Shangela dirty in the last All-Stars.

Oh, really, Michelle? You think? And how are you, you and Ru, as judges, gonna abdicate your role in the finale and give the choice to a bunch of bitter bitches to decide who goes to the final two and then months later be like, “But it wasn’t our fault.” SHUT UP. You didn’t do your job. Of course, it’s your fault.

My second overall frustration with Drag Race is from this season for some reason these judges are living for boring predictable queens and I’m confused and pissed.


Forget being aggravated that Monet went home, SHE SHOULDN’T HAVE BEEN IN THE BOTTOM PERIOD. Why was Aquaria not in the bottom with Kameron? What is this world? Monet never should have been there in the first place! And Kameron is not a good enough Queen to be saved twice. The week before Eureka or Kameron should have gone home. A double save for what?

Also, Michelle, you keep giving Asia (I believe) grief over wearing the same wig, yet Eureka been wearing the same damn blond poof in runways. So shut up. Shut up. You’re a shitty judge and shtick is overrated.



Asia or Cracker better win or I’m over this. You can’t treat me this way again, Drag Race.