Monet as Maya Angelou: loved it, really understood how to make Maya funny which ChiChi did NOT get

Aquaria as Melania Trump: really surprised me, she did her homework and came prepared with a bunch of material and managed to have good timing.

Eureka as Honey Boo Boo: I thought it was fine. Physical comedy is a strength for eureka but I didn’t think this performance was too great.

Asia as Beyonce: I really wish we could have seen her Whitney. She was baaaaaad

The Vixen as Blue Ivy: wwwhhhyyyyyyyyyyyy

Miz Cracker as Dorothy Parker: she really must not have given the editors much material cause she was barely there. I was very disappointed.


Monique Heart as Maxine Waters: like...where were the jokes. Where was the funny? She was funny as hell last week on the panel discussion. WHERE. WERE. THE. JOKES.

This is how you make Maxine Waters funny (shoutout to Aunty Cherry Chan who is funny as HELL)

Also Megan was dramatic AF and wrong as per usual. This had nothing on how bad and mess respectively AS3 or S4 were.