Finally, my cynicism has been validated!

"Through the TIL subreddit, Subaru let everyone know about its environmental concerns. Meanwhile, McDonald’s dominated the section for weeks. Walmart, Air Jordans, Jell-O, DeLorean Motor Company, Netflix and Mountain Dew have also shared the Reddit spotlight. And Volvo owns the fourth most popular TIL post ever, alerting everyone to its good deeds and indirectly marketing its cars as safe."

Yes, yes, reddit blah blah blah. But I've seen this on Gawker Media too. I'd link to the most glaring example but I've since forgotten the details to look it up. It was an article on Jezebel by a newbie (Hazel? Hannah? Henrietta?) that had zero to do with feminism or facebook that threw in the term "Lean In" with capital letters and it made no sense. Just saying "lean in" without capital letters would have barely squeaked by in the context. Most of the articles at least manage to tie it in. And we could all debate whether HBO ponied up some cash from Marketing.

That said, I'm undecided on how much objection I have to it. We're at a point in history where markers in our lives are determined by products so it makes sense to make them the focus of discussions. And subtle is at least not offensive and frankly, as much as the commentariat is sick of hearing about "Girls", it's topical. I guess I'm just wondering when the other shoe is going to drop.