[Jams printer by trying to add more paper while a job was in progress,* leading to the thing to take about 20 pieces of paper into the...paper-loady part.]

[Spends 10 minutes trying to use brute force to yank paper out.]

[Googles "how to unjam printer"]

[Watches first three seconds of a YouTube video called "how to unjam your printer," then abandons it because it seems to have been made by a 12 year-old, and I am not taking DIY advice from a 12 year-old.]

[Tries brute force for another 3 minutes, then watches video.]

[Unjams printer in about 20 seconds.]

*-I know for a fact that I've done this before, so I can only assume that the fault lies with the printer and its incompetent (probably unionized) assemblers.