Jezebel has written one article as far as I can tell on the NSA scandal. It's a stupid piece that focuses on the fact that Snowden left his girlfriend and makes light of all the various issues in the scandal (glad MoGlo has decided to follow Jessica Coen's editorial guidance!).

Well, do these idiots not realize that the right to an abortion in the United States is based on the right to privacy found in the penumbra of the rights in the Bill of Rights?

Gee, maybe there should be some focus on what the complete erosion of privacy means in the United States? I can certainly see a clever legal scholar doing away with abortion once the right to privacy is gone. Maybe Jezebel could write a piece about how important privacy has historically been for women (and gay rights) in US Constitutional Law and what it means now that Obama has stomped all over them?

But no, let's snark about the fact that Snowden left his girlfriend behind when he heroically revealed the existence of these odious programs (people have a right to an indefinite relationship ended on their terms after all!).

Good job Jezebel, you suck.