Not sure how many people are aware that man who report having had sex with other men are subject to a lifetime ban on giving blood. (By comparison, having sex with prostitutes or contracting a sexually transmitted disease gets you something like a one year ding.)

And it's not just men. In the mid-00s I was told I could never give blood again because I unthinkingly disclosed that I'd had sex with a man that had had sex with other men (man, actually). That man being my then-husband, who identifies as bi but whose man-on-man sexual experience is so limited it's almost laughable as a risk factor. And it's been going on five years since there's been any sexual contact between us at all.

Before that event I'd donated blood regularly since college. It still bugs me that I can't, because it was a point of connection with my grandmother and plus it HELPS PEOPLE.

This article is the first time I've seen any mention of it as kind of a ridiculous policy (elimination of which the Red Cross supports btw).