I make significantly more money than future Ms. Lips. Now the part of this that is messed up is: She has 2 bachelors and a masters degree, and I do not have one degree.

I am a hard working son of a bitch, but for the freaking love of everything holy, how is this even possible.

She is smarter than me. I would tell anybody that would listen to me this. She is as sharp as a fucking tack and even attractive. She makes barely a living wage at her current job and is moving to a new job for barely even a raise.

I just don't get this. She spends almost all her spare time trying to find a job that would appreciate her for what she is worth and can hardly even get a call back. I have read her resume myself, and it sounds a million times better than mine. She is diligent, her current employers love her, and she is hard working and makes an effort at everything she does.

She feels bad about what extra I put on the bills, which she shouldn't, but she was in tears when the rent came up this month. She doesn't have a shopping problem, she is fiscally responsible with good credit. I am not upset about it at all, but how the fuck does this happen. Did she go to school for fucking nothing?! She is great with people! That is her job!

I don't know. I am kinda a salty bastard, and it is amazing that I make what I do. I don't understand how over the last 5 years I have seen her bust her butt to get a great job and I don't know why she still get's no job offers.


I literally just want to walk into every HR department that she has walked into and be like, "What the fuck is wrong with you?!"

I just don't know Clashtalk.