The "I Tricked My Boyfriend Into Seeing the Grossest Movie of the Year" article by Shrayber?

There's plenty of discussion about people's reactions to it on the post itself, but I'm curious about opinions around these here parts.

My first reaction to it was that it seemed like a pretty jerky thing to do. And yet, my husband is extremely averse to discussions about bodily functions, and I take enormous joy in saying gross things just to make him shout at me in annoyed dismay. He hates, for instance, when I use the word "farty." And so I describe a great many farty things as farty. I've texted him pictures of our extremely floofy dog's butt after a diabolical diarrhea disaster. I bring up vomit in horrifying ways every few days. Hearing him yell "SARA!" in that aggrieved voice makes me hop up and down, giggling.

But the Shrayber thing seemed kind of dickish to me. Hey, maybe that's just their dynamic, though.