So yet another state - my wonderful "home" state - passes a stupid bill about abortion. I'm seeing other people comment about it trotting out the same tired shit, so let's condense it down so even the slows at home can follow, shall we? Feel free to turn these into flash cards for your relatives.

- Abortion is a constitutionally protected right; I don't give a fuck if people use it as "birth control" and aren't "responsible". Getting an abortion FUCKING SUCKS for a woman, but it's her right to do that!

- Not everyone agrees on what constitutes "human life", so Roe vs. Wade protects your right to make that decision for yourself. - Republicans don't give a fuck if you get an abortion before or after 20 weeks, but 20 weeks is "alive-ish" for most people so they're sticking the thin end of the wedge in and will, if the law sticks, continue to drop it down. Most women after 20 weeks aren't going "oops, I don't want this after all." And if they are, that's their choice. This has not caused a problem since Roe vs. Wade for the country and anyone who decides that a 20 week old fetus is a sentient being will have to live with that decision.

- Republicans in government who can barely tie their shoelaces without the help of a lobbyist from the shoelace industry have just passed legislation mandating all sorts of health code nonsense. It is opposed by every non-religious fundamental medical association in the country. I trust this point is self evident.

- A bunch of dudes should not be telling women what to do with their uteruses.

- This shit will get thrown out of court. Fuck Republicans for wasting everyone's time and money on another anti-abortion boondoggle. Morons.