Now that Kinja's up and running and everyone is beginning to adjust to the new system, we're seeing some new (and old) faces here, which is great! We're a bunch of Chatty Kathies, so we always appreciate new voices. This post will outline how you can become an author at Clashtalk.

First of all, what is Clashtalk?

Back in the bad old days of Powwow (Kinja's god-awful predecessor), Crosstalk was laid waste by trolls in a goatse-tsunami of porn and dead cat pics. The regular Crosstalk commenters decamped to a forum called Clashtalk, which they created for themselves on Jezebel. There, Clashtalk became a thriving little commenting community of its own, and we're still around to this day.

Community is the key word here. Clashtalk is now much more a community than an open forum, and that's one of the things that makes it so spiffy and that sets it apart from some of the other group blogs.

We would love for you to be part of our community!

How to become a Clashtalk author:

Clashtalk operates on the Kinja version of the star system. Authorship privileges are the stars. Don't worry—we're not going to be stingy with these "stars" and they're not hard to obtain!

Here's how you get authorship privileges: Hang out with us.

Yup, that's it! All we ask is that you participate in the community for a little while in the form of chatting with us in the comments. You don't have to be prolific, you don't have to jump through hoops, or work yourself into a sweat to dazzle us with your wit. We just want to see you take part in the flow of conversation for a little bit (think a couple weeks, give or take, depending on your level of participation).

Lastly, commenters that the community is already familiar with will be given authorship privileges much more quickly, since they've already interacted with us in the past.


Don't be intimidated! Start hanging out in Clashtalk!

We don't bite, except for when we do (but we've had all our shots). Edit: Except for that Deadly the Eternal character. He has not had his shots, and he will give you cooties.