And you've finally acknowledged, against your will, that, yeah, it's time to pack it in. Even though you probably won't say it, you have to realize that this pretty much cements your legacy as the most useless Speaker in recent memory (ceding control to the Tea Partiers, failing to stop them as they pushed you to shut the government down, pissing away a couple of weeks doing nothing except thinking about how this is (or at least should be) a slow-motion self-immolation of your party in national elections for the next couple of election cycles, etc.). Hell, you even said that you lost, which, in an odd way, is the most responsible thing you've done since taking over as Speaker (as opposed to, say, insisting that the President and the Democrats didn't have a mandate to pursue their agenda after whipping Mittens and holding onto the Senate).

All of these are noteworthy accomplishments, and yet all I can think of is, "...and, of all the ties he could have picked on the night when all cameras would be on him, he picked orange."

God bless you and your color-coordination, Mr. Speaker. Never change.