I know I complain about Jezebel a lot, but I will credit them for getting me really into some recent music, and opening me up to more current stuff, since my music playlists can stay stuck in the 80s and 90s a lot.

I’ve grown to adore Christine and the Queens, comprised of one person named Heloise Letterier, a French singer and dancer who has a charming and eclectic vibe to her:

Her funky cover of Beyoncé’s “Sorry”

I really like the punk band the Downtown Boys a lot, a Latinx punk band with a lot of raw spirit. I especially loved their cover of Selena’s “Foto y Recuerdos.”

Ellie recommended Charlie Puth’s new album, and it’s fantastic! It has a cool R&B groove to it, and is so much better than his blander previous stuff.

So yeah, I talk a lot of shit about Jezebel, but I will credit them with turning me on to some really good music that are my current faves.