Props to whomever shared the reply but ya’ll really, really, really, need to see the original comment and, like LaBravaRadio suggested, savor it.

The 7- to 8-foot reptile grabbed the boy late Tuesday as he was playing in about a foot of water at the Seven Seas Lagoon at the resort. His father, who quickly rushed to the boy’s aid, could not fend off the alligator and received minor injuries to his hand.

The boy’s mother also rushed into the water, but when the frantic couple was unable to save their son, they alerted a nearby lifeguard who called 911.

Ok. As tragic as this is, I am going to Monday morning quarterback it for the benefit those of you that might ever find yourself in a similar situation and be at a loss for what to do.

You are a human. This is an animal.

This is an animal trying to drag a baby into the water. Beat the living shit out of it. Claw at its eyes. Pry its mouth. Either drive it away from the kid - or if you can’t get it to let go, keep it from getting away. Even if that means all you can do is jump on top of it and scream for help.

The fucking lifeguard called 911? To do what? Report a drowning?

Listen, I am a California girl. I’m partially educated. BUT even if I wasn’t, I have fucking eyes and a semi-rational mind and I know you can’t win a fight with an alligator. Unless you’re a big cat.