I’m pissed! Okay. Actually, moderately annoyed now. But I was big mad last night.

The idea that Three Billboards could win all the awards, even possibly the Oscars, in the year of Get Out makes me want to throw things. So please someone help me with this aggravation because this is some nonsense. [Here is a nice starting point on my hatred of Three Billboards]

Also why is Big Little Lies winning all the things all the time? Not gonna lie, I never saw it because it looks like I’d be watching the lives of women who shop at LL Bean and Sur La Table (yet never use any of the shit they buy because they don’t know how) with some DV thrown into the mix, and that doesn’t sound like an experience I want in my life.

Oh and I keep hearing people say Lady Bird should win awards, but that also gives me boring, uninteresting vibes. I will never watch that movie.


Other things to consider:

Is Veep actually this good still? Or has it stumbled into Big Bang Theory/ Modern Family territory?


Is the Crown worth watching? What are the reasons to care about all these episodes about QE2 and Phillip?

Did anyone see Roman J. Israel, Esq.? Did it actually come out in theaters?

How/when did Alexander Skarsgard become best friends with Kenneth the page from 30 Rock?