Sooo I have been rejected from a job I really thought I'd get, and another public defender's office hasn't gotten back to me - but I seriously doubt that over three weeks after my interview it's going to be good news. I called them today and they are still interviewing people. That's not a great sign for me, and it's upsetting because I know people at that office really well and volunteered and interned there, even winning a motion that got a case dismissed.

I'm coming to the conclusion that I did not pick the right field. I've never gotten a competitive full-time position in it. I have interviewed a lot. After all of this I am exhausted and disheartened and pretty sure I don't have what it takes.

My close friend's dad thinks I should go out on my own and is going to give my resume to a friend of his who has done so. This won't really be possible until I get married, but I guess I'll go ahead and start laying the groundwork.