Just alerting you to another insanely Gawkeresque thread, brought to you by laserfocusedonpunana (might want to keep this one for your collection ICN). A couple hundred people arguing over whether Minneapolis can be considered the Midwest or not. Initially I was completely against the OP and said so, but then s/he won me over with this delightful comment, reproduced below. I truly think this plan has legs!

Let me run this one by you, we all want Puerto Rico to be a state right? Add something new to the mix? But we can't have 51 because that would be uneven and terrible. So we have to merge an existing state. I propose merging out West Virginia because it's the only state that has absolutely nothing unique about it. Like even if you say "unique" based on the absolute most basic of factors like "oh Kansas = Wizard of Oz" there's absolute nothing unique about and it's not like the Dakotas where there's a North and South, there's no East Virginia, there's a perfectly good regular Virginia still left over. And also WV is shaped dumbly anyway

Unfortunately the entire thread is kind of a chore to read but when I encounter a sprawling yet pointless and inconsequential argument my heart just swells with love for Gawker.