Did anyone here watch Dexter during its original run? It's on the site now, and I figured, heck, I like procedurals, I'm not above the serial killer genre, let's give it a whirl. A couple of episodes in, and I have a few questions (if they can be answered without too many spoilers, so much the better):

—Does Dexter's great-cop-who-happens-to-get-all-of-her-info-from-her-brother sister ever become sufferable?
—So...their boss—since they've gone to pretty great lengths to show in the first couple of episodes that she's completely incompetent and only in the job for "political" reasons (kudos to the writers for figuring out how not to say "affirmative action"), and since it's apparently impossible for any of the characters to refer to her without calling her an entitled moron, at which point in the series do they drop all pretense and just start calling her "uppity" to her face?
—Speaking of "really good, we swear, cops" in the family, at some point in the series do they cover why his father, after realizing his son was a budding serial killer, came up with the brilliant plan to encourage him to just be a really good serial killer?*

*-PBS had a pretty good series on American television a couple of years ago, which included, at one point, David Simon (the Pollyanna behind such feel-good distractions as Homicide and The Wire) saying that Dexter was too far for him, and I can kind of see what he meant.