In the midst of last night's return of the "Pretty Pretty Boys" tag, I mentioned one of my other interests: men wearing glasses. So, what the heck, let's bring that one off the shelf, too. For those of you who are unfamiliar, here are the ground rules I impose on my own posts in this category:

1) I will, 95% of the time, go with pictures of either models or actors. While there is no shortage of surreptitious pictures taken of guys walking down the street or at the beach, I don't like reproducing them here, because that sort of thing gives me the ethical creeps. If that means posting a picture of a pretty boy whose glasses are fake, so be it.
2) I like to have a range of pictures, from fully clothed (especially if I like the clothes) to less so, but I try to keep things SFW, or at the very least, PG-13.
3) I have to actually like the glasses being worn, so sorry, Tom Daley, while I dig everything else about your latest pictures, I don't like your glasses, so no dice.

And away we go.