First my stupid ex emails me yesterday AGAIN. It's aggravating! Then today I'm innocently at home recuperating from my pneumonia, watching some undistinguished atmospheric little indie from On Demand, and come to find out as the credits roll it was directed by my ex-hb's first (only) girlfriend before me (taker of his virginity no less). I didn't even know she was in the biz! Kinda trippy.

I have no jealousy issues with this person, my main association to her is the fact that when my ex first announced to his family that they were dating, his grandmother (a rather unfiltered lady of Jewish heritage) blurted out "is she BLACK???" We think because of her name which is a completely generic in no way associated with any particular ethnicity (except possibly perhaps vaguely Irish?) name. (And she is/was white, like about 90+ percent of the people that went to that school.)