I live in a small (smallllllll) neighborhood. One of my neighbors has decided to be a social butterfly and have official monthly parties for the neighborhood, and there's usually a weekly party thrown in. Only she wants everyone to take their turns hosting. Nope. I'm not a hostess. I hate people being in my house. I barely tolerate going to other people's houses for a couple of hours a couple of times a year. Plus, these parties are all centered around alcohol (wine nights, whisky tastings, wine dinners, more wine, wine, wine). I can't drink because of various health issues. This has been mentioned to the social butterfly before (and then made fun of... nice.)

I just went to a wine night this past weekend (where I drank water) just to make everyone on the block be quiet. It's not fun being the only one not drinking, when everyone else is getting plastered. I had to answer so many times why I wasn't drinking. I'm 30 years old, stop peer pressuring me!

So, it's great if you neighbor lady want to be social. Just stop expecting me to be. Because seriously, the weekly parties are getting a bit much.