Stop it. Stop it right now. My name is MY name and will never fucking be “just my father’s last name.” It is MINE, stop fucking STEALING it from me and pretending it is only my father’s. Is my grandmother’s name not her own- she changed it when she married but changed back to her maiden name after divorcing a man who cheated on her. She made that choice, is it not HER name? Do my female cousins not own their last name, which is hyphenated? One half of it came from their mother, do they own only half of their last name? But their mother’s last name is after her father, so really it’s not her name at all either, even though it does belong to her brother? Stop it, just fucking stop it.

Every dollar and diploma and degree I have ever earned has been under this last name. It has always been and will always be my last name. IT IS MINE.

I know this is a stupid hill to die on, but ya know what, I’m gonna fuckin’ die on it.