One of my favorite go to dinner recipes is a 3 pan stove top chicken dinner. Lets get at it.

Go pick you up some thigh/leg combos, vegetable broth/stock, drie basil and rosemary, fingerling potatoes, brussel sprouts and minced garlic.

Put all three pans on medium heat. fill 2 of them to an inch deep with veg broth, and one a thin layer of olive oil.

Lightly coat both sides of the chicken with salt, peper basil and add to one of the veggy stock pans top down.

Add the brussel sprouts to the other veggy stock pan cover both pans.

If the rosemary came in pretty long throw it into a coffee grinder, until it is broke up pretty good. Add the fingerlings evenly to the pan with oil, sprinkle salt pepper, and the rose marry you just grinded ontop.


Flip the chicken every so often. This keeps the chicken from shrinking your unborn childs penis.

Drain the brussel sprouts when they are soft about halfway through, then put them back in the same hot pan on the same heat. Add a small amount of butter and minced garlic. Cook until they start turning brown to black.

Keep an eye on the fingerlings. cook until a fork easily goes through them.

Bonus round: Here comes the gravy! Take a small bowl like dish add a bit of flour and water till it is like a pancake batter. After you take the chicken out of the broth add the batter you just made WHILE THE BROTH IS STILL HOT, stir while adding batter.


Bingo Bango. Dinner clashtalk.