I don’t have any answers, and am only left with questions. How does a kid end up with an AR? I grew up in the Midwest and sure we had guns, but I had never fired a pistol until I was 23. I shot clay pigeons, hunted pheasant, geese, deer, elk once, antelope, and to this day, my guns are kept in my dads gunsafe 8 hours from my house. Not because I don’t trust myself, but because I don’t need them.

Those are lethal. There is no such thing as a small accident with a gun. Literally that was the first thing I learned. There is a way to walk with a gun, hunt with a gun, and the first part is always being safe. Everybody acts like it is a right, but it actually is a responsibility. Going out and shooting is fun, if not wasteful, but cleaning and eating some geese, and sitting around a campfire with some salt and pepper is fun as shit.

I forgot, I never needed an AR or a fucking pistol to have fun. I forgot those are used exclusively to kill people. It was (cheaper) and much more fun to go shooting before people imagined they couldn’t own a gun.