Between posting links for my Facebook page and checking pet groups (because I'm getting another dog YEAH). A number of peoples adverts have caught my eye. And hey have you ever wanted a stud dog that's "gentle with the ladies" and "doesn't only sire black babies", check out this ad:

"Eddie is a proven stud he doesnt mess around very gentle with the ladies he also doesnt only sire black babies if you require just a copy of his pdigree it will be £100 if you require his kc it will be £150 he has never missed yet pics of him and just a few of his babies"

And this add I saw today, just a few days after I saw the person asking for a free hamster "that doesn't bite" so long as the other person can deliver.

"Hamster cage wanted -urgent. If anyone has one or knows anyone that has one please pm me. Im in Scarborough and will need delivering Ty xx