I have a serious fucking case of the Sunday blues. Did you know that STUDIES HAVE SHOWN that you need until around noon Saturday to truly decompress and detach from the previous work week? And that by around 3 pm Sunday is when you start getting affected by anticipatory thoughts of being back at work? Meaning the weekend lasts in effect 27 hours. (And I was on call this weekend from 8 am Saturday to 8 am Sunday so I got like 7 hours! Not even enough to make any bad decisions.)

Also I was watching a Nova on cruise ships sinking and the main expert they interviewed was a guy I went to high school with. I didn't even know he became a mariner! Meaning I suck at Facebook because I'm actually friends with him. Where's MY Nova? I've got experty stuff to say about stuff related to stuff people care about. I mean, supposedly.

Anyway! submit