“Comic book movies are so over. That bubble’s fit to burst sometime soon.” says Lauwrinse Loveseat-Langley, before gasping as Deadpool cleaves him in two with a letter opener.

An excerpt from my new book: Death to Snob City.

Not really. But wouldn’t it be great if it was real? Anyways.

This is the new thing. Like some kind of wishy washy sequel to Revenge Of The Nerds; Revenge of the Nerds 2: Jock Boogaloo. People love to shit on ‘Comic Book Movies’ recently, saying they’re tired of them, and people wont stop talking about them, or they’re just for manbabies and they need to go away, and so forth.

That’s the thing though. They’re not going away. ‘Comic Book Movies’ is a misnomer akin to calling Pride And Prejudice another ‘dumb ‘ol book movie’. The world of Comics is a far-reaching, multi-genred beast. Do people call From Hell a Comic book movie? Or Snowpiercer? Ghost World? Men In Black? Surrogates?
or even Weird Science..?

... The answer is no, in case you might not have guessed.

Yet somehow, despite Superheroes in film alone being over 25 years old (Over 60 if you consider the old Superman and Batman films). Comic Book Movies, and especially Superhero Movies keep being deemed “over”. But they can’t be, because they’re a genre, not a phase or a trend. They’re a category, a class, a group, or whatever other synonym for genre you prefer — but most certainly, they are here to stay.
Sure they’ll see highs and lows over time, all genres do. But saying you’re tired of them is like saying you’re tired of Rom-coms. The appropriate response to that being: “Well shut up and watch some other movie then if you don’t like it.”
It’s kind of similar to Zombie movies — except Zombie movies really need to slow their roll due to there only being so many plots you can have involving Zombies — but this is a whole other kettle of fish.


So stop giving yourself a pat on the back claiming you’re some kind of cultured person for deeming Avengers: Age of Ultron to be beneath you. You’re just the same kind of self-entitled garrulous dolt who thinks the end of Interstellar takes place in a dimension of love because: “fneh fneh Science can’t do that.” You can do us all a favor, and shut up and go watch some other movie instead.

This rant is brought to you by Nyquil and nitwits in the comment sections on the main pages.