Hello everyone! Welcome to the first Survivor open thread of the season! I am writing this during the afternoon and pre-scheduling it, and will probably not be around right at the beginning of the episode. Don’t worry, I have a good reason! I will be stuffing my face full of food immediately after sundown tonight, thanks Yom Kippur. So, this post might be full of long rambly crap about food rather than Survivor. I am currently at this stage of fasting:

The main issue for me right now is, how shall I break my fast? The best way to do it is to go to a big break fast party at a family friend’s house- that way you don’t have to even look at food until it is right in front of your face and you can consume it immediately. Unfortunately, there are like no other Jews in this town. Right now I think my best options are either

  1. A LOT of cheddar cheese and crackers (the time between slicing and eating is minimal), or
  2. Order some kind of takeout/delivery. Unfortunately Domino’s is pretty much the only delivery game in my town. It’s very sad.

Mostly, I want, like, a freaking STEAK! But I don’t want to have to cook for myself because that will be literally the worst.


Anyway, back to Survivor. You know what though? I never really left the topic of Survivor! How many times have we seen people fantasize and obsess over food? I am doing the same damn thing right now, but I can’t win a million bucks for it.

Who are you looking forward to seeing? I must admit that I am a recent watcher of Survivor. I’ve only seen the past 4 or 5 seasons all the way through, but Second Chance does seem to be quite heavy on the contestants from recent seasons. I’m looking forward to watching Keith from San Juan del Sur bumble his way through a new season. To me, there is only one possible winner. This lady right here:


Shirin is a badass. She knows this game inside and out. She isn’t afraid to call the guys on their bullshit. She keeps her hair long in case there is a firebuilding challenge so she can CUT IT OFF AND PUT IT IN THE FIRE. She is also endlessly amusing. GO SHIRIN!

Anyway. Survivor 31, commence! Maybe Jeff Probst will appear at my house with some magical food at sundown. Omg, food!