Welcome back to another week of Survivor! Man, last week was a doozy, wasn’t it? RIP Jenny my Queen, hopefully you had fun at Ponderosa. Let’s see who gets voted out this week to join Jenny and Darnell on their pre-jury trip!

I am hoping for a non-Brawn tribe to go to tribal this week, because both of the previous episodes have been very Brawn-centric due to them losing immunity both times. I also think Alecia kinda screwed herself last week. If she, Jenny and Cydney had stuck together to boot a guy, Alecia would have gone from 5th to at least 3rd in that tribe. Instead, she booted the only person willing to stick her neck out, and basically ensured that if Brawn loses again before a swap she will be the next to go.

I hope we get to see more of the Beauty women this episode. Julia and Michele seem to be smart players so far. I don’t know what my read is on Anna yet. People on the internet seem to think that she’ll be great because she plays poker, but poker players on CBS reality shows have had mixed results (Jean-Robert, dumb dumb Garrett, beanie-obsessed Vanessa).

Previews show Liz and Peter declaring that they are running the Brains tribe, which makes me think that they’re actually kind delusional and one of them is voted off at Brains’s first tribal.


I bought some of Neal’s ice cream (Three Twins Ice Cream) this weekend and it was pretty good. Probably not worth buying most times, since it was more expensive than even Ben & Jerry’s, but pretty good overall. Survivor was definitely the best free advertising his company could’ve asked for!