It’s merge time! I think it is safe to say this season has had a great pre-merge run, and hopefully it will keep up until the end. There are only two ways this season could be ruined for me: 1) a very late medevac (a la Erik in Caramoan) or 2) someone takes Jason to the end as a goat. I just dislike Jason so much and I want him off of my screen soon.

Other than Jason, I really like this cast. Nick is kind of boring, and Neal was almost nonexistent last episode, but other than that everyone has been great. Tai is, of course, an amazing human being, Scot has been redeemed by his friendship with Tai, Cydney is a very smart under-the-radar player, Julia held her own coming back into a tribe in which she was surely the next boot, Michele had a kickass confessional last week about being a strong woman, Joe is hardheaded, Aubry is my new winner pick, and Debbie is the female castaway I always wanted.

Interesting to note that Michele and Nick have made the merge without going to tribal council, so they join Joe and Keith from last season, and the entire Tandang tribe from Philippines. Tandang had 2/3 FTC spots in Philippines and Keith made it very far in Cambodia, so maybe that’s a good sign for them. Then again, it’s just a silly statistic and probably means nothing.


Queen Debbie