Welcome back, Survivor CLTers! What did you think of last week? I know the result but I still haven’t seen most of the episode because I fell asleep (thanks Yom Kippur fast) and CBS won’t let you stream full episodes until 8 days after air without paying $8.99/month for their service. Sometimes they don’t even put the episodes On Demand for that long, either (although it now occurs to me that I forgot to check my dad’s Xfinity account for it, bad millenial!).

I have not been a fan of the teasers for this week’s episode. They seem to be implying that Shirin is in trouble with Abi-Maria. If Abi turns on my Queen Shirin there will be hell. to. pay. (jk not really since I don’t actually know any of these people and also this all happened like three months ago). This better be editing, CBS! Don’t let Shirin fall this early!

That chicken is happy just to be near Shirin.

So what say you? Who should be voted off next? Who has surprised you this season? Who do you think will have the balls/ovaries to grab an idol with everyone right there during a comp?

Here’s some Survivor reading, too. I was surprised that the ratings are holding steady after this long.