Welcome back Survivor fans! Sorry about my longwinded post last week- the world just needed to know how much I love to watch Stephen Fishbach play Survivor. This week’s post will be much shorter, promise.

Last week’s ep, man, what a blindside! Go Kelley-with-an-extra-E Wentworth! Everyone at tribal council was like this (Featuring Edgardo as Savage, Alex as Jeremy, and Earl as Wentworth).

Like that was just a thing of beauty, Wentworth. Thank god Joe (and everyone else) underestimated you (and thus just straight up told you that it was you) and thank god you lied and told everyone you had your period during the first immunity challenge and that’s why you needed to wear your shorts, so you could grab the idol right out from under their noses. LOVE. IT.


This episode also featured Wiglesworth’s first display of emotion since she cried after hearing Terry went home to be with his sick son. I just want so much MORE from Wiglesworth! The show hasn’t shown much of her at all.

Of course, this was in reaction to Keith driving his Tuk-tuk TO-TOS! This was delightful. Moar Keith, pls.


Apparently everyone has started calling Wentworth, Ciera, and Abi-Maria “the Witches Coven,” which I don’t really know if I’m on board with? Unless they started it themselves. Otherwise it just kinda seems a little “bitches be schemin’” to me.

Anyway, let us COMMENCE with the episode and discussion!

P.S. Sorry about the formatting, I don’t know how to use this piece of shit platform!