Hello everyone! It was a sad week for CLT Survivor fans last week (well, at least it was for me and QS since I managed to convert her into a Stephen fan), but the show goes on! We are getting quite close to finale time, which means time for a (pretty early) loved one visit! It’s interesting to note that only two of the remaining eight made it to the loved one visit in their original season (although 3 of them come from a season that didn’t have one- can you believe that all of the SJDSians are still there???).

Joe will finally get to spend time on the island with his dad, awwww. Spencer’s loved one seems to be a young blonde woman who I am 90% sure is NOT his sister. Is this the girlfriend who he loves but can’t say it? TELL HER SPENCER, DON’T BE A DOUCHE. Wait, you are a total douche anyway, too late, sorry! Will Val show up, or is she too pregnant? Will Wes and Dale show up? Is it possible for anyone to overcome Jeremy’s winner edit right now?