Another uneventful evening here in the Kinjaverse. Hope everyone is safely tucked away in llumberlland.

Sweet Dreams My Darling

In visions of the dark night

Day fades away

Leaving behind night

Night beckoning to us

that he has arrived

Sweet dreams my darling

As you close your lovely eyes to sleep

I want to be with you even in your dreams

Playing with you and holding your hands

Sweet dreams my darling

As I wrap You with whispers of love

Caressing your Ears with my love songs

Feel my tickles my darling

Tonight, I send You the Stars

To make your dreams Glitter

The moon to make it brighter

Myself to make your dreams sweeter

Sleep well my deary

you deserve the best

Only the best dreams will you have

Sweet Dreams my Darling

My Angel , my prince

My charming,

My love

Sleep well my Sweetest

You deserve the best

so shine my love!

In Truth's day-star

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