I finally saw Synecdoche last night and today— it took me two days. I found it toooo long and toooo repetitive and really hard to watch. I kept losing interest and falling asleep on it and having to rewind parts of it over and over. There were no climaxes; no game changing turns of events; a few revelations, but only of the most depressing sort.

Good Lord, I was a blubbering mess by the end of it. Holy shit! Why didn't someone warn me I'd have to be on suicide watch by the end of that movie? Talk about your life being reflected in art form. AND THEN, JUST TO MAKE SURE I'D GO THROUGH WITH SLITTING MY WRISTS, they played this beautiful, sad little gem a few times throughout the movie. My new favorite song.

Someone check in on me tomorrow to make sure I didn't jump off a building or something.