It has occurred to me that Clash talk has kinda been a giant negative Nancy lately. I am not pointing out any one single person or thing just saying I feel it. With that in mind I am going to start my super happy fun time thread. Lurkers welcome.

I am going to start off with a joke. So a lady is walking down a beach and comes across a man with no arms and no legs crying. The lady ask the man what’s wrong, and the man says “nobody will fuck me because I don’t have any arms or legs.”. The lady feeling terrible for the man picked him up and threw him into the ocean shouting,”now you’re fucked!”

Okay, so I am just warming up, but that’s my ice breaker. I also want to rescind my endorsement of Penny Dreadful. THE END YOU MOTHER FUCKERS TORTURE EVA GREEN FOR THREE SEASONS KILL HER AND LET DRACULA GET AWAY?!!??!? FUCK YOU!? Don’t worry, some things are spoilers and some things are just flat out saving you time.

Okay, now that I got that out of the way, Let’s talk some young Pope, totally could have used some editing to paint a different picture, but over all well done. I feel like HBO must have hated it with a 2 episode a week release, not bad for February programming.

Also, yeah, I got a new water heater installed today, hell to the yeah on that front.


I threw a massive work shindiggity for a coworker on Monday everything was cool except for one thing: somebody stole my fucking garden gnome. Oh yes there will be blood.

That wraps it up for me like about as well as an expired condom. So what’s up motherfuckers? What adventures have y’all gotten into?

PS, if you guys can forward me recent Mike huckabee tweets that would be cool, seeing if it’s worth making a troll account for him.