So, I will be writing a book. And I can relax about the process, because I'm officially writing a no-shit book proposal over the weekend. For an agent that called me.

If this happens, it is possible that I will be vaulted from "poor" into "not much to spare."

What on Earth will I rage against then? Is there like a lower-middle-class Conformity Squad that will forcibly dye my hair a nice natural color? Is there some law saying I have to buy freaking Gap clothes? Will the goth kids ever respect me again? Will I start catching more side-eye for using the fuck word? Can I start comparing myself favorably with Warren Buffett if I overcome the temptation to get a real couch?

Point is, an agent called me and is pitching this whole book thing to a few places and she's not not a big deal. So it'll probably happen. BUT! She would like me to include other books that are about-poverty-but-still-funny. I know to compare my stuff to Ehrenreich and Shipler, but do you guys have anything else for me to toss in there?